Why History Buffs Will Love Son Bou Holidays

By: Brenda Jaaback

There are many reasons why people decide to visit Son Bou. Holidays to this beauty spot in Menorca will allow you to experience a paradise of sandy beaches, warm seas, nature reserves and excellent dining.

But Son Bou holidays are also particularly attractive for history enthusiasts. There are many historical attractions to visit in Son Bou, and Menorca is famous for its prehistoric monuments. Here are two places of historical significance that you should make sure you visit during your holiday in Son Bou.

Torre d’en Galmés

Torre d’en Galmés is an ancient Bronze Age settlement that is found just off the road between Son Bou and Alaior. Situated on top of a hill, this incredible spot is one of the biggest and best historical sites in the whole of the Balearic Islands. If you visit Son Bou, holidays here are not complete without a trip to this fantastic location.

If you find it hard work getting to the top of the hill then the views down over Son Bou when you reach the site are well worth the effort. Torre d’en Galmés is made up of a number of stone structures called ‘talayots’. When you visit the site, you will be able to explore three of these talayots, as well as the sanctuary and a number of buildings that were used by the inhabitants as private dwellings.

There are lots of other things of interest to be found at the site, including the remains of storehouses and even an ancient storage system for rainwater. All this makes Torre d’en Galmés the main historical highlight of the area and one of the main reasons that Son Bou Holidays are popular for history lovers.

Cap de Penyes

Cap de Penyes is found on the eastern edge of Son Bou. Holidays to Menorca often filled up with lots of time spent lazing on the beach, but if you feel like a short walk and you want to see something really interesting then head here to find the remains of a fortified village dating back to the 4th and 5th centuries.

The site was only discovered in 1952, and it makes a fascinating trip for anyone with an interest in the history of the area. One of the highlights is the fascinating basilica, but what often captures the imagination more are the caves that are dotted all around the area. These used to be the homes of the ancient inhabitants of the islands, and are a defining feature of Son Bou. Holidays to this great resort should always include a trip to Cap de Penyes if you can drag yourself away from the beach.

Son Bou: More than Just a Beach Resort

The two historical sites described above are not the only places of interest near and around Son Bou. If you’re really keen on your history then you could take a trip to Alaior which, although slightly further away, is a fantastic historical location with many incredible buildings to see. When it comes to Son Bou, holidays here certainly offer more than just sun, sea and sand. So if you want to get the whole experience and find something really unique then a trip to its historical sites is highly recommended.

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