The Many Flea Markets in Vienna

The city of Vienna has always been known for its architectural beauty and rich heritage. Along with these, it is also popular for its sprawling and chaotic flea markets. These markets are attracting both locals and tourists in huge numbers. These traditional markets are located right in the heart of the city and are one of the must visits for the foreign tourists. Treat yourself to find a mind boggling range of antique stuff right from local food items to old furniture to trinkets of jewellery and what not at throw away prices at these flea markets in Vienna.

However, shopkeepers here often over price the goods to a very large extent. So, you have to be prepared to negotiate and bargain very hard or else someone is going to rip you off. But relax, it is not as bad and tiring as it sounds. In fact, within the lively atmosphere of the flea markets, you might actually start enjoying the whole haggling process. The following is a list of the prominent flea markets in Vienna with the necessary details:

Naschmarkt Flea Market
Open on Saturdays 9 am to 4 pm
Location Along Wienzeile over the Wien River between U4 stops of Kettenbruckengasse and Karlsplatz

Naschmarkt is arguably the most popular flea market in Vienna. Among the oldest in the city, it covers a huge area and offers almost everything that you can think of. If you are interested in diverse international food items, then head to this flea market. You can find fresh Asian shrimps, Italian cheese, spices, olives and all sorts of fruits. The great part is that none of these will burn a hole in your pocket.

Apart from food, you can also get old furniture, carpets, postcards from the times of war, Indian jewellery etc. All in all, a trip to Naschmart makes for an amazing experience, both for the purpose of shopping and just to have a good time.

Flohmarkt Flea Market
Open Saturdays from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm
Location Adjacent to Naschmarkt Flea Market

Situated right next to Naschmarkt, the Flohmarkt flea market is also full of little treasures. It is a storehouse of antique items like Old Swiss watches, ancient books, unique glassware etc. But again, be ready to dig beneath the heaps of stuff to find these goodies.

Antiquitätenmarkt Am Hof
Location Address: Mariensäule

This flea market is open from March to December and is known for its collection of art pieces like old paintings, sculptures and other such items which make for excellent souvenirs. Most of them are cheap rip offs but if you are lucky enough, you might just find something very valuable.

Flea markets are an invaluable way to get into the heart of a city’s culture. You will discover soon that you are only a tourist in Vienna, most of the visitors to the flea markets are locals how are out to get a good bargain buy. Surround yourself in the heart of the city and become a part of the big city life in Austria.


By: Ken Sand

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