How to Have an Orlando Vacation on a Reduced Budget

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You can enjoy a great vacation in Orlando even if economic conditions have left you with a reduced budget. The secret to vacationing in Florida and staying within a budget is to make proper choices in your accommodations and taking advantage of attractions that are modestly priced and in some cases free of charge.

If you think this is an impossible task, then read on and I think that you will probably change your opinion.

Let’s take a look at accommodations. Hotel or motel rooms for you and your family can be quite expensive. It is for this reason that many savvy vacationers have turned to vacation home rentals as a more economical alternative. These vacation homes and condos are fully equipped and with all the amenities that you would have in a luxury hotel. On top of that, they give you much more space, privacy and flexibility than you would get if you had rented hotel rooms.

For example, you can rent a three bedroom vacation home with two baths and a private pool in a location that is only 15 minutes from Disney World for only $115 per day. Compare that to what you would pay for similar space in a hotel and you can see the savings. In addition, if you travel with a large family, friends or relatives you can get four or five bedroom luxury homes and enjoy a per person rental rate that is truly economical.

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Now let’s consider how to save money on the attractions and entertainment that you need in order to really enjoy your vacation. The well-known theme parks are must see items for people who are visiting Orlando for the first time, but they can be expensive. The best way to economize is to mix in some low-cost and no cost attractions along with the more costly theme park outings. This will not only allow you to keep within your budget but will also give a nice change of pace to your vacation.

So, what are low-cost and no cost attractions? Central Florida is a natural paradise and there are state and city parks that you can enjoy without denting your budget. Within the city limits of Orlando you can visit the Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake. Here you will enjoy a three hundred acre park that is open year round and has several great outdoor activities as well as inexpensive camping facilities. You can enjoy swimming, fishing, picnicking and hiking on one day visits or you can choose from a number of camping options ranging from primitive camping to RV hookups and cabin accommodations.


Another similar nature oriented attraction is the Tibet Butler Nature Preserve. This park is located in the vicinity of Disney World, Sea World and other well-known theme parks. Here you can enjoy wandering through Florida’s original flora and fauna. The center’s Vera Carter Environmental building offers environmental displays as well and environmental programs that are just right for children. You can also enjoy great hiking at this preserve, and guess what? It is absolutely free of charge.

The contact information for this park is as follows: Tibet Butler Preserve, 8777 State Road 535, Orlando 32836, (407) 876 6696 and the current opening hours are Wednesday to Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

These are just a few ways that you can spend your vacation in the Orlando area and stay within a reduced budget.

Author Resource:-> Janice McSherry is an Orlando vacations specialist.

By: Janice McSherry


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