What to do While Your Wife is Shopping? Attractions For Men in Prague

Prague“Prague” by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Visiting Prague but worried all you will do is to walk down the shopping streets along with your gorgeous wife in the morning and snap photos of ancient buildings in the afternoon? Do not worry, let her do her shopping alone.

If you are a real man you will not find any happiness in visiting Prague’s medieval old town, or walking down the shopping streets of Vaclavske and Na Prikope. Real men will do everything they can to avoid the giant city centre shopping centres of Prague. They will stay clear from Cerna Ruze (50 shops) , Slovansky Dum (80 shops) and the 5 floor Kotva shopping centre.

Sure, an ancient building is nice to look at for a few seconds, but you will not devote the best part of your day to walk around taking photos of the medieval buildings in Prague. Let others do that. Here are some interesting attractions for men who visit Prague:

Military Museum

The Czech military has it’s own museum in the middle of Prague. At the museum you can check out Czech tanks, guns, rifles, heavy artillery and other artifacts from the wars the Czechoslovakia were involved in for the last 150 years. The museum is in the Zizkov area of Prague, at U Památníku 2.

Communist Museum

Today the Czech Republic is a modern democracy, but only 20 years ago the situation was very different. At the city’s communist museum you can experience how the situation was in the Czech Republic during the communist regime after World War 2 and until it ended in 1989. The museum is in Prague’s shopping district, at Na Prikope 10.


No country on earth drinks as much beer per capita as the Czech Republic. Once your tongue gets the taste of the foamy and slightly bitter Czech lager you will understand why. Try to taste both Budweiser (the original one), Pilsner Urquell and some of the lesser known Czech beers while in Prague.

When heading out for a beer in Prague, try to avoid sitting down at the cafes and pubs in the old town. Beer is expensive and the atmosphere is very touristy. If you venture out on a trip just a few hundred metres away from the top sights you will enjoy cheaper beer and better atmosphere.

Prague embankment in one beautiful summer evening“Prague embankment in one beautiful summer evening” by prague.czech.photo is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Football match

Prague is blessed with 3 local teams who play at the highest level of Czech football. Sparta Prague is the largest team and often participate in the European Champions League. Their top star is Karel Poborsky who is a former Manchester United player.

Slavia Prague is the city s number two team. Their biggest dream is to overthrow the reign of Sparta as the number one club in the Czech Republic, and more importantly, the number 1 club in Prague.

A third team who is fun to watch when in Prague is FK Victoria Zizkov. They are from the working class area of Zizkov and is currently struggling for survival in the top division of Czech football.

These tips should make you able to enjoy a few days holiday in Prague without resorting to shopping or ancient building spotting.

River Vltava near Prague“River Vltava near Prague” by prague.czech.photo is licensed under CC BY 2.0


By: Ken Sand

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