Holiday in Tuscany, Italy: The Chianti Region

By: Andrea Leoni

Chianti is the name of the region while its name has become synonymous with wines. The region is replete with lots of exotic wines made with fruits and grapes from some of the world’s best vineyards. Italy has benefited directly from the revenues of this small but powerful region that holds the first of the best global winepresses so much that it has become an irresistible Mecca for all sorts of visitors around the world. There are affordable, all inclusive packages given away to those who wish to make it down to the Chianti Region for their next holiday vacation. Several tour packages are available for every preference. They include walking, biking and riding tours which all allow the tourists and vacationers to enjoy the very best of their holiday outing in Tuscany. If you are looking to book for an accommodation in Tuscany, such as a 1st class hotel or a farmhouse, you can t miss out as there are quite a number of luxury lodges and Tuscany villas for rent. If you are going with your family members, what you should be searching for are apartments that will comfortably accommodate everybody but still running on a low budget. Although there is no hiding the fact that staying at any of the five star hotels is an incomparable and exhilarating experience that measures up to the amount spent.

Those staying in these high flying hotels are people who are used to the fabulous lifestyles of the rich and famous. As such, their class has been adequately taken care of with the perfect hotel accommodation befitting of their status. So if you are visiting the town on vacation, alone or with your lover or spouse; you can be sure to find the best place to rest. There are various places for the lodging pleasure of visitors to the Chianti Region. From the rolling hills to the tumbling valleys, what characterize the region of Chianti are more than one. Chianti which lies strategically between Florence and Siena is a one stop spot for wine buffs so that there is a growing need to visit the region regularly for those who have made it their priorities. Chianti is lined up by spreads of vineyards, olive groves and woods which are interspersed with other features especially the ancient buildings like parishes, holiday farmhouses, villas and villages. The Tuscan wine destination is very popular for its global wine production which sits atop the world’s best five. One of the places of interest is the Chianti Classico; an admixture of white and red grapes.

A wide holiday tour of the Chianti region will be more than pleasing for anyone with a thing for wines. More revealing are the Tuscan villas which carry lots of interesting and beautiful scenes. For a proper sightseeing tour of the region, bicycles or strolls will be sufficient to view the places round the area. One could avail the opportunity of staying in one of the Chianti Tuscany villas, thus having a thorough insight into its cultural values. Whatever the type of tour you wish to take, taking a Chianti vacation will provide you with a perfect way to discover many interesting places in the tourist friendly and wine producing region. The region remains the best option for a lot of activities like shopping. That is because it plays host to an array of quality items especially Italian leather goods. Those who are interested in these leather items would discover Greve to be a traditional shopping hotspot for fine leather stuff which eventually find their way to some of the world’s top supermarkets. Greve is the main market of the Chianti Classico wine zone of Tuscany. It consists of a large part of the hilly territory between Florence and Sienna.

Italian shoppers would find Chianti to be such a wonderful place for buying Italian designed goods. Dining out in Chianti during vacation needs a lot of Italian cuisines spread out. Some of these include braised boar, grilled beef steak or rabbit and soup made with virgin olive oil. The Chianti Classico wine helped to increase the Tuscan region’s popularity in terms of its unique foods and wines; making it a plus to the credit of this small wine making destination. At the heart of the Chianti region is a triangular patterned shape of three villages – Radda, Greve and Castellina. Chianti’s wine fair, held at Greve, is the biggest and normally takes place in September. Anyone on vacation in Chianti is offered many chances of buying from its export market together with the wine shops in each village. A stroll around the Chianti Villa means taking enough opportunity to move round Colle di Val d Elsa an ancient town that is Italy s largest producer of fine glass and crystal. During an excursion to the Monte San Michele National Park or at Badia Lake, you can also give yourself the opportunity of getting a first hand experience of nature while relaxation there.

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