Why go on Holiday in Datca?

By: Sarah Arnesen

Turkey is a great place for a holiday, and provides you with a vast range of choice as to where you go, what you do and what you see. In fact, the country is so varied that you might be spoilt for choice! So what do you choose and where do you go? Well, we focus on one of our favourite destinations for Turkish holidays Datca.

Where is Datca?

Datca is located on the south west coast of Turkey, in the Mu&amp #287;la province by the Aegean Sea. The scenery of the area is breathtaking, with secluded inlets and secret coves nestling between picturesque harbours and sweeping beaches. The resort itself is named after the peninsula where it is situated, a whole area of great natural beauty. To get the best views we suggest that visitors on holidays in Datca stay in the Asina Hotel, a boutique hotel with an incredible panoramic view of the sea. This offers ease of access to local beaches and activities but also allows for relaxation and rejuvenation.

What can we do there?

Holidays in Datca give you complete choice as to the type of activities you’d like to take part in. The resort itself has an exciting history including being a hideout for smugglers and pirates, and the site of the Ancient Greek city of Kindos, with ruined theatre and temple. You can visit these sites by land or take one of the many cruises in the area around the sights and to nearby islands. You can choose the cruise that fits best with your Datca holiday; there is a huge range, from short hops around the bays and inlets to longer day or week long experiences on a classic Turkish gulet.

If sunbathing and relaxation are more to your liking, you can stroll down to the beach, dip in the cool, clear waters and use the warming sunshine to top up your tan. You can explore the coastline of the peninsula to find the best beach for you; one of the great things about Datca Holidays is the fact that there are a wide variety of beaches to choose from. Sparsely populated or empty coves can be found along with busier family beaches with water sports and kids activities available, and everything in between.

The resort also has activities and opportunities for you if you are searching for family holidays in Datca. Family friendly beaches with gently sloping sand shelves can be found around the coast, and family restaurants are dotted around the town and local area. Local water sports are designed for all ages, and kids will enjoy exploring the rock pools and eddies that line the coast.

Datca is perfect for everyone, and provides entertainment, excitement and enjoyment all in one place. Families, singles, couples; every group and pairing will find activities and events to take part in and experience. Datca has a holiday for every taste, from the adventurous to relaxed, and is well worth exploring if you’re looking for the perfect holiday in Turkey.




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