Cheap Caribbean Vacations: Travel Deals and Discounts to Look For

Caribbean, the Caribbean Sea, more than 7,000 islands, islets, reefs, and cays - the West Indies“Caribbean, the Caribbean Sea, more than 7,000 islands, islets, reefs, and cays – the West Indies” by Nouhailler is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Do you want to have the vacation of your dreams but without spending an arm and a leg? If so, you want to look into cheap Caribbean vacations. Despite what you might have heard, a Caribbean vacation (even an all inclusive one) doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many moneysaving travel deals and discounts that you can find. In fact, keep reading on to get information on some of the deals that you might find or at least the ones you should be looking for.

All Inclusive Travel Packages: When you book an all inclusive Caribbean travel package, you do so through an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean. So what is included in these travel packages? While you may find some variances (depending on the resort), your stay typically includes a room or suite, some entertainment onsite, qualifying airport transfers, food, snacks, drinks, and tips. All resorts should give you the option to include your airfare as well, but this is optional.

If you have never booked an all inclusive travel package before, it is important to keep the cost factor in mind. First, remember that these are travel packages. Second, remember that they include a good percentage of your stay. For that reason, they will cost more than staying at a traditional hotel or resort. That cost is higher upfront. At the end of your trip, you will likely notice that you save money if you were to go through and total up the cost of your food, snacks, drinks, activities, and more.

Since your goal is finding cheap Caribbean vacations, your main focus is to save money. You will likely save money with all inclusive Caribbean travel packages. But there is another thing you will save as well and that is your time. As stated above, you essentially preplan and prepay for a good chunk of your trip. This means fewer plans to make. You don’t need to research area attractions. Also, you don’t need to create a separate budget for your meals, one for your activities, and so forth. You save time and eliminate hassle by opting for all inclusive.

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Book Now and Save Deals: These types of Caribbean travel discounts often encourage you to book your trip in advance and save more money. These types of deals are typically available throughout the entire year, but they are more common at the beginning of the year. Many times, these money saving offers are trying to dispel the myth that you only get good deals and discounts by making your travel plans at the last minute, but this isn’t true. Yes, you might be able to find some last minutes discounts, but these “Book Now and Save” deals enable you to not wait and still save money.

With these types of Caribbean discounts, there are usually a few restrictions. For example, you might be required to book a stay of at least three or five nights. Also, blackout restrictions may apply, meaning that some weekends might be excluded from this discount. You are likely to find this during the holidays. In most cases, this discount will be a set total off your entire price. So lets say that your all inclusive resort stay would otherwise cost you $716, your price might be lowered down to $616. Please note that this was just an example.

DSC06802, Petit St. Vincent (PSV), Winward Island, The Grenadines, Caribbean“DSC06802, Petit St. Vincent (PSV), Winward Island, The Grenadines, Caribbean” by lyng883 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Stay X Nights and Get One Free: If you have never been to the Caribbean before, you are likely to find yourself not wanting to leave. The weather is beautiful, the resorts are great, and there is just so much fun to be had. On the last day of your trip, you might be thinking “oh, I wish I could stay just one more day.” By looking for cheap Caribbean vacations discounts you might be able to get your wish. There are some resorts that offer deals that let you get a free nights stay when you meet their minimum stay requirement.

In short, you can see that finding discounts for cheap Caribbean vacations is actually an easy process because there are a lot of moneysaving travel deals and discounts. The examples above are just a few of the many offers you will find. Speaking of which, how can you find these offers? You can check third party travel websites, but you will find some of the best deals offered on official resort websites.

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By: Bill Yaconis

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