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When it comes to affordable Caribbean vacations, there are two aspects that you want to consider. Aspect one is the planning stages (before your vacation). Aspect two is the actual trip (while you are in the Caribbean). Keep reading on for tips on how you can save money during both important phases. When implementing these tips, an affordable Caribbean vacation is what you should get.

The Planning Stages (Pre Travel)

Consider Going All Inclusive:

When it comes to vacationing in the United States, most of us automatically head for a hotel. A hotel is all that most of us know about or are used to, but the Caribbean is different. In this area, you will find a host of all inclusive Caribbean resorts. These resorts include more than just a room or a suite. You get an all inclusive travel package along with your reservations. While airline reservations are optional, your stay should include your food, drinks, snacks, tips, some onsite entertainment, qualifying airport transfers, and your room or suite. When compared at the end, most people save money with these types of travel packages.

Price Compare to Find a Good Deal:

Whether you opt for a stay at an all inclusive Caribbean resort or a traditional hotel, price compare to find the best deal. When doing so, you will find that hotels and resorts that are very similar charge varying prices; ensure you get the best deal. On that same note, it is important to keep quality in mind. While you are looking for affordable Caribbean vacations, you are also looking for a good time. To ensure you don’t have to settle for second rate, compare hotels or resorts first looking at inclusions, accommodations, and so forth. Once you have found a few good accommodations, price compare to get the best deal.

Look for Moneysaving Travel Deals:

Although we are often told that third party travel websites tend to offer the best moneysaving travel deals and discounts, you might be surprised to hear that a lot of great offers are found directly through the resorts. Lets say you decide to stay at a Breezes resort, visit the website and look for any moneysaving discounts. You are sure to find at least a few to choose from. Whether your resort or hotel gives you a free night’s stay or a specific dollar amount off your total stay, you save money and end up with an affordable trip!



The Trip


Pack Wisely:

This can save you money a number of different ways. First, pack only the necessities and remember that all Caribbean resorts have laundry rooms and laundry services so you technically don’t need a brand new outfit for each day. This might help you get everything into one suitcase, which will save you money on baggage fees. Then, make a list to ensure you bring everything, like sunscreen, deodorant, and so forth. Buying these things on your trip will cost you more money.

Stay At Your Resort:

If you took the advice above and booked an all inclusive Caribbean travel package, you are staying at an all inclusive resort. All your meals, snacks, drinks, and some entertainment were already included in the cost of your stay. If you enjoy things onsite and take advantage of inclusions, you will not pay extra. This can help ensure your vacation stays affordable. Over the cost of a 7 day trip, you could easily save $150 or more by staying onsite.

Caribbean Solo Vacation

Make Use of Inclusions:

As mentioned above, a stay at an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean includes many forms of onsite entertainment. For example, if you stay at a beachfront resort you might find that windsurfing and snorkeling is included and this means you don’t have to pay extra to enjoy these activities. Making use of inclusions gets you the best value for your money. Getting the best value for your money is an important component of having an amazing and affordable Caribbean vacation.

In short, you can see from a few of the tips highlighted above that there are many ways for you to get an affordable Caribbean vacation. So what are you waiting for? Even if you are going to be vacationing on a budget, the vacation of your dreams is still within your reach.

Author Resource:-> Breezes at can help you plan an affordable Caribbean trip.

By: Tony Hagar

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