3 Small But Special Markets in France

French Market

A holiday camping in France is all about embracing the culture and traditions of the French. And what better way to do this than to spend a few days wandering through the stalls and traders of a traditional French market? In many other European countries, the tradition of the market is one that has been revived after dying down for many years. However, markets have been an integral part of life in French towns and villages for many years. Full of hustle and bustle, and wonderful things to buy, food and drink bought from a market really is the best way to eat when you’re camping in France. A market is also the best place to pick up those essential souvenirs and gifts to give to those back home. Here are a few of the smaller, yet delightful markets to be found in France.

La Trinite Sur Mer Fish Market

Trinite Sur Mer has long been known as a fisherman’s favourite location. For centuries, sailing races have been held between fishermen in this small and sheltered harbour. However, the real appeal of this quaint little harbour town is the wonderful freshly caught fish. Dine out in any one of the fish restaurants lining the waterfront, or for a real taste of camping in France, buy some fresh produce from the local fish market and cook over a campfire. Oysters are the pride of the markets, but the stalls are covered with many different varieties of freshly caught fish and shellfish. If you’re up early enough, you might just see the fishermen dropping off their catch first thing in the morning – knowing the fish is freshly caught gives it an even better flavor.

Fish Market

Revels Saturday Morning Market

Very close to the Languedoc Roussillon region in France, you will find the Revels food and local produce market. The market itself is situated in a 14th century covered square, and presided over by statuesque bell tower, giving it a particular sense of tradition. The square is lined with permanent shops and cafes, and during the week is virtually empty. However, once the weekend arrives, it fills up with any number of food stalls. Whether you are looking for some fresh vegetables, you fancy sampling one of the many, and often particularly smelly, French cheeses, or would like a taste of the local ham, there are many stalls that will capture your senses and leave your mouth watering. The light hearted banter floating between stall keepers all around the market gives it a wonderful atmosphere and the real taste of the French market custom.

Nice Bric a Brac Markets

If you spend your time camping in France in the Cote D’Azur area, be sure to drop in at one of the famous Nice markets, which are different every day. With a different selection of produce being displayed on the stalls each day you will never get bored. On some days, the outdoor markets are bursting with bright coloured blooms, as the flower marketers take over the Cours Saleya. Other days, you will find an incredible selection of arts and crafts goodies that will make you want to don a beret and pick up a paintbrush. If you’ve finished your holiday read and are looking for a good book for the ferry journey home, be sure to take a trip to the used and antique book market – you’ll be able to pick up some beautiful, old books and you never know, they might just take the one you’ve finished off your hands for you! Last but not least, if you haven’t gotten around to sending your postcards just yet, why not have a wander around the antique postcard market held in the Place de Palais on the fourth Saturday of every month. Whatever your interests, there is a market to suit everybody in Nice.

French Market

One of France’s most enjoyable traditions, the markets, are a fantastic way to fit into the French lifestyle. Be sure to visit at least one market while you are camping in France and make the most of the bustling banter, the wonderful food and drink, and the chance to buy some special and authentic souvenirs.

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By: Lorraine Waddell

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