Varna, Bulgaria: The Sea Capital

Varna is the sea capital of Bulgaria. It is also referred as the summer capital of the country. Varna is the major tourist destination of Bulgaria along with being the Bulgarian’s naval headquarters. It is one of the busiest yet most beautiful ports of the country enriched with a number of archaeological marvels. The port of Varna was discovered by the Greeks way back in 570 BC. The city is surrounded with mesmerizing seaside gardens, lakes, museums and churches. The inlands of Varna are also surrounded with water, with Lake Varna on one side and two artificial waterways which connect the lake and the bay. The city is surrounded with elegant orchards, vineyards and some dense forests.

The oldest known gold treasure was found in the city of Varna. It is one of the most renowned archaeological sites of the country. A tremendous amount of ancient processed gold was discovered in 1972.

The Gold of Varna is on exhibit at the Archaeological Museum. This museum earlier used to be a popular High School for Girls but now a popular tourist spot. Apart from this, a number of other museums also add up to the beauty of this city. Some of the other famous museums are the Naval Museum, The National Revival Museum, The Museum of New History, The Ethnographic Museum etc. The city is also known for its various art festivals which are celebrated with great zeal and fervour. A number of cultural events are organized in the city from time to time and a number of people from all over the world participate in such kind of events.

Varna is the second most important economic centre of Bulgaria. The city shelters number of industries mainly ship building, ship repair and transportation. The overall economy of the city is very much blooming. Recently a number of shopping malls have been built adding up to the economic development of the country. The sea resorts of Varna are one of the famous destination spots among the tourists. They are the only international cruise destination of Bulgaria. These resorts provide the visitors with all the comforts and are also environment friendly. Situated far away from the industrial hub of the city, these resorts provide mental peace to its visitors. The moderate continental climate of Varna makes it one of the perfect destinations for vacations.

Another tourist spots of the city include a number of archeologically sound churches. These churches apart from adding spiritual touch to the city are also some favourite tourist spots among the visitors. Education is given equal emphasis. It houses a number of educational centres that impart higher education. About 20 of the total population consist of students. The University of Economics is one of the oldest B School of the city.

To conclude, Varna is the perfect destination spot of Bulgaria. The city is culturally and archeologically enriched and if you love sea and ancient art, this destination spot will provide you with each and every thing that you are looking for.


By: Ken Sand

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