Costa Del Sol Golf Course Guide

Costa del Sol, Spain is a home to several golf courses; therefore if you are golf enthusiast then this city could be a great city for your next getaway. This city can also greatly accommodate individuals who always wanted to be close to nature since this can also offer several attractions and places that can surely satisfy your body and soul particularly if you are the type of person that can find great peace being close to nature.

However, if you are golf enthusiast then you can at least pay attention to the following golf courses that you can access in the city:

•Alcaidesa Golf Course – this is an 18 hole golf course for every average golfer from 28 handicaps to scratch. This golf course can also offer fascinating views of nature that your family or other group of friends can enjoy while you are also enjoying to play your favorite sports. If you also wanted to experience deceptive wind then this can also be a great place for you to hang around. Only that, it is also one of the advantages that a golfer could be disappointed with since windy environment can’t perfectly allow them to enjoy golf.

•Alhaurin Golf Course – if you are a golfer who is looking for thrills then this can be one perfect golf course that you should pay a visit in Costa del Sol, Spain. It is because of the fact that this is also known as the toughest golf course in the country. This course is best described as a great challenge to experienced and professional golfers out there. So, if you are one of these golfers and you happen to visit this city then you greatly know where to play your favorite sports.

•Cabopino Golf Course – this is a comparatively new course in the city yet has matured very rapidly and is maintained very well. This golf course can also offer a great clubhouse with the best sun terrace where you can sit and watch the sunset after you play. Actually, this golf course can also be a very romantic place for couples who are on their honeymoon getaway especially if both of them love golf.

•Dama de Noche Golf Course – this is a 9 hole golf course in Centro Commercial Plaza which can be played as 18 holes. This course can greatly accommodate novice golfers since it is flat, easy, and wide. It can also do great for golfers who prefer to play a gentle stroll. The thing that makes this course in Costa del Sol different from others is the fact that it can allow you to play golf at night. Therefore, if you are the type of person who does not really enjoy the heat of the sun playing your favorite sports then surely this course can greatly accommodate you.

•El Chaparral Golf Course – this course is tremendously hilly that made it only suitable for the bravest golfers who wanted different experience playing their favorite sports.

However, it is not only the golfers who can absolutely enjoy the Costa del Sol, Spain. Of course several other people can too.


By: Ken Sand

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