Planning a Jamaica Vacation: Frequently Asked Questions and the Answers


If you want to vacation in the Caribbean, you might be interested in the island of Jamaica. Jamaica is a great destination for solo and relaxing vacations, romantic getaways, honeymoons, destination weddings, and family vacations. Regardless of your reason for wanting a trip, you have selected the perfect destination. With that said, you might have a few questions if you have never vacationed here before. To help ensure your trip is exactly what you expected, keep reading on to get some questions to a few of the most commonly asked questions surrounding Jamaica vacations.

Question: What is the weather like in Jamaica?

Answer: As you know, nothing is guaranteed when it comes to the weather. With that said, if you are looking for as close as a guarantee as you can get, Jamaica is the place to be. On average, the rainy seasons in Jamaica are the months of May, June, October, and November. When rainfall does come, it is often short and followed by sunshine. As for the average temperatures, you can expect around 80 degrees throughout most of the year. Basically, Jamaica vacations give you warm, sunny, and tropical weather.

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Question: What is the best destination on the island of Jamaica?

Answer: It is hard to pinpoint an exact destination or resort because you have a lot of great choices. As stated above, the weather in Jamaica is pretty much the same throughout the island. Luckily, that weather is almost always warm, tropical, and sunny. If you find it hard to decide on a destination, it might be within your best interest to start examining resorts and nearby attractions; find what captures your attention the most and then go from there.

Question: Where should I stay?

Answer: The island of Jamaica is just like any other popular vacation destination; you have a number of staying options. For instance, there are hotels, vacation resorts, all inclusive resorts, and private vacation rentals. But, a better question might be where should you stay? This will depend on your own personal preferences. On that same note, there are benefits to opting for all inclusive Jamaica vacations. When staying at an inclusive resort, your travel package might include your airline reservations (optional), but it will include your food, drinks, snacks, your room or suite, many different types of onsite activities, as well as qualifying airport transfers.

Question: How much do Jamaica vacations cost?

Answer: It is difficult to pinpoint an exact cost because there are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration. For example, where do you intend to stay? It will be cheaper upfront to vacation at a traditional hotel, but then you need to figure in the cost of your airline reservations, your food, your drinks, your snacks, your activities, and so forth. While you do pay more upfront for a stay at an all inclusive resort, you tend to get the best value for your money because you spend less while on the actual vacation. As stated above, an all inclusive Jamaica resort stay includes your room or suite, snacks, drinks, meals, qualifying airport transfers, and many types of onsite activities. Now this is just a general figure, but a reasonable amount to pay for a 7 day all inclusive trip is between $1,000 and $2,000.

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Question: What do I need to travel to and from the island?

Answer: Since you are traveling to another country, there are some requirements that must travelers must meet. In addition to booking your flight and overnight accommodations, a passport is required for all travel to and from the United States. If you don’t already have a valid passport, it should be one the first things you do. It can take one to two months for your passport to arrive; therefore, get yours ordered today.

Question: What type of activities can I enjoy on my vacation?

Answer: You might be surprised just how much fun you can have on Jamaica vacations. As previously stated, your stay at an all inclusive resort does include some onsite activities and entertainment. This will vary from resort to resort. For example, at beachfront resort you might find scuba diving, sailing, or windsurfing listed as inclusions. If you decide to venture of your resort grounds or if you decided to stay at a traditional Jamaica hotel, other vacation activities you can enjoy include guided sightseeing tours from horseback, ATVs, bikes, or on foot.

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By: Tony Hagar

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