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Costa Rica is a said to be the best place for adventure and thrill and also a great tourism spot to spend holidays. Just the mention of this place, Costa Rica, will and people think of a paradise because the place is such a wonderful sight to see. The country has a number of characters which are designed to give an effect like Disney land characters such as monkeys and toucans which are popular and also easy to find in the place.


The coastal sides have exuberant and wonderful waves, which are a prime attraction in the place. The beauty of the place is extremely staggering and the lethargic rapidity of the waves is seductive. This is also a peaceful haven which though is a small place, has the potential to receive 1.5 million visitors each year approximately because of its popularity, it’s beautiful and comfortable environment that it provides to the visitors and tourists.


The travelers who are exciting and love adventure can go to surf on the waves, Hike Mountains, snorkel and also go on wildlife adventure trips in the place. This place also has an incredibly wonderful and varying landscape which tempts you to g on a cruise in the cloud forest, while in the next day you may visit an active volcano to witness its power, and then come back to the place where you stay and relax or go on a hot sandy beach.

Since the day when this place became a major tourist spot in the world, tourism in the place has become more well groomed and also affordable to almost everyone. Common destinations are now the most crowded destinations and the local culture has gone lost or is neglected. Nature here has also been affected lately but the people of the city are taking strict measures and handling the issue seriously in protecting the beautiful place. There are however many activities that one can choose to keep themselves busy and engaged in their happy holidays so no worries in any doubt of enjoying your trip when you are in Costa Rica for sure.

Costa Rica dancers


The most beautiful places to visit in Costa Rica are listed below. All these places are the best and none can be missed in a true tourism trip to this place if you wish to see the best parts of Costa Rica.

• La Finca de Mariposas: This is a butterfly garden that is netted and has a capacity of housing about 50 butterflies of 40 species which is delightful to see.

• The National Parks of Costa Rica: You can find the best wildlife in the world in this place thanks to the state for harnessing the wildlife with care.

• Tortuguero National Park: This place is open every day at timings of 8am to 4pm. This place is a home to sloths, monkeys and a number of birds and aquatic creatures you would love to see and enjoy.

• Beaches of Costa Rica: The beaches are incredible and you would surely spend most of the time relaxing here for sure.

Costa Rica beach


The cost of living in Costa Rica is considerably moderate. The prices are listed as US dollars in most places so it won’t make any trouble for you to find out how much they are charging if it were to be in their currency and if you had little knowledge of it. The local currency is colon but however, US dollars are accepted all over the place to make things go in ease for the visitors. One can survive in this place for a cheap US$25 to US$35 a day with jus the needed food, cost for living in a lodge and for public transportation.

Hotels that are most cheap start in the range of $7 to $15 for each person in this place offering a bed and a shared bathroom with four walled rooms. Additional rooms or better ones can be obtained for a price of around $20 each person.



Citizens of almost every nation are required to carry their passports while visiting this pace. Also the passports must be at least valid 30 days beyond your arrival date in Costa Rica. Your passport will be stamped when you enter this place and you are also required to carry your passport to all places where you stay in Costa Rica as per the law there.


All international flights land at the airport in Costa Rica which is named “Aeropuerto International Juan Santamaría”. This can be found 17km in northwest of San José located within a town named Alajuela. This place has good connections through air and hence there are many airlines from Central as well as Latin American countries and the United States which assess all required documents strictly and also provide international safety services too.
Airline fares are expensive to travel to Costa Rican when you plan to visit in tourism high season which starts from December and goes on through April. However, December and January usually stay as the most expensive months of the year to travel.


There are also Cruise ships that stop along the ports in Costa Rica and let the passengers to make their venture into the wonderful country. These ships can be usually seen docking at the Pacific port of Caldera located near the Puntarenas or near the Caribbean port of Puerto Limón.

By land:

If you plan to go to Costa Rica by land in your own vehicle, you will need to have the following documents in its original form to be submitted anytime when asked in the place:

• A valid registration and a proof showing your ownership of the vehicle.

• An International Driving Permit to ride the vehicle.

• License plates those are valid for international traveling.

• Your passport for identity recognition and acceptance for country visit.

It is however advisable to maintain multiple copies of all the above documents in case they get lost since these are mandatory even when you leave the place.


By: Macon Gravlee

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