Beautiful and Historic Florence Italy

Florence Italy

Florence is one of the most attractive places to visit in Italy thanks to the rich cultural and historic heritage the area boasts of. Florence is the capital city of Tuscany and is located besides the beautiful banks of river Arno, in close proximity to the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Seas. The City of Florence was founded by the Romans in the 1st century and since then, it has grown in bits and bounds particularly between the 1200s and the 1600s to a desirable tourist destination that it is today characterized by a booming local industry, commerce and tourism.


Accommodation in the city of Florence is not a problem as there are many hotels centrally located within the city center as well as on the outskirts. Be advised though that due to the popular destination that Florence has become, most of the hotels get fully booked during peak tourism season, hence it is advisable to book your accommodation weeks in advance. Important to note also is that the accommodation can be quite expensive but with some little research, you can be able to get cheaper alternatives. The area around the green Viale dei Colli, is where most hotels are located.

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‘Trattories’ or ‘Ristoranti’ is the local name given to restaurants in the city of Florence. The restaurants are synonymous mouthwatering delicacies from different cultural backgrounds. Lunch, the main meal of the day, is normally served at around 1 pm while dinner is served between 8 pm and 9 pm. The costs of meals in the menu don’t include the service charges hence you should plan accordingly.


As mentioned, tourism is the backbone of the economy of the city of Florence and thousands of tourists flock this part of Italy every year to relax and relish beautiful views, as well as admire the impressive architecture, famous works of art and historical buildings. Some of the major attractions in Florence include the Palazzo Strozzi, the Piazza del Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, and the Campanile di Giotto.

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Nearly all museums in Florence have very important art exhibitions as well as great exhibits that have stood the test of time. Ensure you visit the National Archeological Museum and the Uffizi Gallery. Looking to relax and unwind, ensure you visit the Chianti area located between the city of Siena and Florence. Here, you will see the most impressive countryside landscapes in Italy and some of the well known vineyards.


The city of Florence is accessible by air through the Amerigo Vespucci Airport located Just 5 km / 3 miles from the heart of the city. In the city, there is a well structured transport system made up of taxis, railway services, and orange ATAF buses. To have a good time in Florence, many people prefer to rent a car. The A1 motorway is a well structured transport network that links Florence to all major Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Bologna, and Naples. It also links Florence to some of the coastal resorts and places such as Pisa and Lucca.

By: Macon Gravlee


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