Things to do on the Beach at Son Bou

Son Bou 2014“Son Bou 2014” by Steve Dawson. is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

From windsurfing and jet skiing to hiking and sunbathing, there s plenty of beach activities to keep you occupied in Son Bou.

The beach is the star attraction if you are on holiday in Son Bou. It is the biggest and best beach in Menorca, a glorious two and a half kilometres of pristine white sand for its visitors to enjoy. Son Bou villas and hotels are justly popular accommodation options for families who are looking for an unforgettable beach holiday in the sun.

There’s more to do than just sunbathe and swim on this fantastic beach – here are five other things to try out…

Son Bou Sunset 2014-2“Son Bou Sunset 2014-2” by Steve Dawson. is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


Son Bou is an excellent place to go windsurfing. Good winds, clear water, and relatively few rocks make it popular with windsurfers who are staying nearby, and with a beach this long, there is enough space that no one need feel crowded out. The two beach shops that are located on the beach can rent out windsurfing equipment if you are keen, and you also have the opportunity to take lessons if you are new to the sport.

Jet Skiing

If you want to experience something a little faster than windsurfing, there are also plenty of jet skis that can be hired for adrenaline junkies looking to get their fix in Son Bou. The still clear waters that make it ideal for windsurfing also make it a great place to go jet skiing, so if you prefer to be powered by petrol rather than by wind, this is the activity for you.

Son Bou Beach“Son Bou Beach” by Steve Dawson. is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


If windsurfing and jet skiing sound a little too much like hard work, there s always the option to hire a pedalo to get out on the water in a more relaxing fashion. You can hire a pedalo from many points along the beach, and they are particularly good for families looking to get out on the water together in a safe and straightforward way.


With the beach running uninterrupted along nearly two miles of gorgeous coastline, it is fun and easy to walk the entire length of it and see the sights as you go. If you d like to venture further afield, the surrounding area is filled with caves, cliffs, and peaceful walking paths to explore. Son Bou villas are usually located close by to many established walking paths, and so you can carefully plan your walks or simply wander off the beach when something interesting catches your eye.

Son Bou, Menorca“Son Bou, Menorca” by Freebird_71 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


If all this talk of pedalos, jet skis, windsurfing and hiking sounds a little too much like hard work, don t worry – there s plenty to keep less active holidaygoers entertained during their visit to Son Bou! There are numerous restaurants spread across the length of the beach if you want to enjoy good food to an outstanding view. There are numerous different kinds of cuisine on offer, but it is especially worth your while to go for the local seafood dishes – locally sourced and expertly cooked, they are truly outstanding.

Whether you want to get active on and around the water or just relax on the beach itself, Son Bou is an ideal destination for families and couples alike!

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By: Brenda Jaaback

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