Rhodes is the Best Island to Visit in Greece

Rhodes is one of the most beautiful Greece Island. This island is very closely located at southwest side of Turkey. This island is considered as one of the largest island of the world having land area around 18 km and population around 1, 20,000. This is an amazing tourist destination and several people from different part of world visit this island daily. The main attraction of this island is Colossus of Rhodes which is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Also the Medieval Old City of Rhodes is considered as one of the best World Heritage.

This island has an amazing spearhead shape with dimension 78 Kms length and 38 Kms width and around 1400 square meter area. Rhodes is a bit closer to Asia Minor in comparison to rest of Greece. Interior of Rhodes Island is very mountainous and surrounded with dense forest of Cyprus and Pine. This island can also be called as home of Rhodian deer. There are lots of small towns, villages and resorts around this island. Few of them are Lindos, Haraki, Pardisi , Embona and many more. Main source of income here is the Tourism and locals are totally dependent on tourism for their life earning. This island also experience several earthquakes. Most recent earth quake took place on July 2008 by 6.3 magnitudes.

People of Rhodes follow Greece orthodox religion. This is the capital city of Dodecanese. Transportation facility is pretty good here because they have to deal with lots of tourist guys daily. Bus services are mainly handled by 2 operators. RODA operator also serves suburban areas and entire west coast while KTEL operator serves villages and resorts in the east coast. This island has total 3 airports but only one of them is for public use. Diagoras airport is one of the biggest airports in Greece. This island is also connected with other major Greece cities as well as with other major European cities through various chartered flights.

Rhodes has total 5 ports. 3 of them are in Rhodes city, 1 in east coast near Lardos and last one in west coast near Kamiros. There are many astonishing beaches in Rhodes. These beaches have crystal clear deep water and look very beautiful. These are the main attraction of visitors and their unique beauty attracts lots of visitors. The beach of kalathos is located just over 55Kms from Rhodes city. This beach has velvet look and water is too crystal clear. Here you can take wooden beds and umbrella from rent. This beach is just 10 kms away from the main town. The main attraction about this beach is its hot medicinal springs. This island has very beautiful and sweet climate and amazing locations. This island attracts more than million people per year from all over the world. There are plenty of hotels and resorts for visitors. This island totally depends on tourism and local people of this island keep on improving in order to attract more and more visitors.

Rhodos is a great island to visit. You can get around quite easily and the climate is bikini friendly from March to October.


By: Ken Sand

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