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Are you gearing up to plan your next family vacation? Due to the economy, many families are vacationing closer to home. After all, it is no secret that the affordable family vacations are located close by. With that said, you might be surprised when you look at Jamaica. Yes, Jamaica is often associated with luxurious romantic getaways and yes Jamaica is typically associated with a huge price tag, but it doesn’t have to be. Despite what you might have heard in the past, affordable family vacations can be found in Jamaica! How so?

All Inclusive Jamaica Resorts:

In Jamaica, you will find a great selection of all inclusive resorts. While some of these resorts do have age restrictions that prohibit children under the age of say 14 or 16 from staying onsite, there are many resorts designed for families and even more resorts where guests of all ages are welcomed. These resorts are perfect for affordable family vacations because they have activities, facilities, and services designed for children and their parents. For instance, it is common to find daycare centers or babysitting services, kiddie and family pools, game rooms, family friendly restaurants, and more.

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But wait! What about the affordable family vacations part? Here is the best part! Not only do you save time (one arrangement plans and pays for most of your trip), but you are also likely to save money. What you are buying is a packaged travel deal. Your stay includes your room or suite, many forms of onsite entertainment, qualifying airport transfers, tips, food, drinks, and snacks. Saving money isn’t guaranteed, but most families do save anywhere from $50 to hundreds of dollars! Many tourists just like you try to estimate the cost of all their food, drinks, activities, and so forth at the end of their trip. When comparing that estimate to the cost of their all inclusive travel package, most saved a considerable amount of money.

Make Use of Inclusions:

If you do opt for a stay at an all inclusive resort in Jamaica, getting affordable family vacations is easy when you make use of all inclusions. Basically, these are things you already paid for because they were included in the cost of your stay. So lets stay that your resort has a rock climbing wall; you and your children should use it! In fact, the more you make use of a resort’s inclusions, the more money you save!

Traditional Vacation Packages:

While we are particularly found of all inclusive Jamaica travel packages for affordable family vacations, there are standard travel packages available as well. You can and should examine these. We are sure you’ll find all inclusive to be your best bet, but we also encourage you to examine all your options. For example, a standard Jamaica travel package typically includes airfare, car rental, and hotel stay. If looking to keep it simple, this might be a good choice for you. However, keep in mind that your food, drinks, snacks, and tips aren’t included; therefore, you will need to cover these yourself. Families looking to plan affordable family vacations need to do a lot of planning and preparation when staying at a traditional hotel.

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Money Saving Travel Discounts:

Whether you opt for an all inclusive Jamaica travel package or a traditional travel package, you are encouraged to book your travel plans directly through the resort. Yes those third party travel websites are nice, but the resorts and hotels themselves tend to offer even better deals and discounts. The type of discounts you find will vary, but it is not uncommon to get stay X number of nights and get one free, book now and save later deals, and so forth. These deals can significantly lower the cost of your trip giving you affordable family vacations!

The examples above are just a few of the many ways that you and other families can find affordable family vacations. Other tips include price comparing all inclusive resorts, booking your trip in advance, and maybe travel in the off season where travel costs are lower. Since you will find a lot of deals and discounts now, there is no need to wait to book your trip. So what are you waiting for? Jamaica is within your reach; it can be the home of affordable family vacations just like yours!

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By: Dominiq Gallagher

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